How Did You Help #StampOutStigma during #MHM2016? Here’s What Our Followers Did.

Last month we asked our followers how they planned to help #StampOutStigma during Mental Health Awareness Month. Our followers and friends have always been our biggest supporters, so we wanted to take this opportunity to hear back from the Stamp Out Stigma community. These were some of their responses:

  • For #MentalHealthMonth I’ll help #StampOutStigma by talking about my mental illness, which is depression w/ some psychosis/PTSD – @ijeoma1029
  • For #MentalHealthMonth I will help #StampOutStigma by LISTENING.- @sidewalktalk_la
  • For #MentalHealthMonth I will help #StampOutStigma by speaking candidly about the facts. 1 in 4 ppl suffer from mental illness! – @StephanieZiajka

MHM2016 4

  • For #MentalHealthMonth I will help #StampOutStigma by having conversations about depression and anxiety. – @FlyingFree34
  • For #MentalHealthMonth I will help #StampOutStigma by talking openly and being open to listening. – @Lighthouse_2015
  • For #MentalHealthMonth I will help #StampOutStigma me my partner &dog will b walking 40 miles on 21st may to help raise awareness around mental health ♡ – @walkofhope99

MHM2016 5

  • For #MentalHealthMonth I will help #StampOutStigma by advocating for those who suffer in silence. What’s your goal? – @paramntcounsel
  • For #MentalHealthMonth I will #StampOutStigma by sharing my grandmother’s story of Bipolar illness w/ young family members. –@Anna_lyzes
  • For #MentalHealthMonth I will #StampOutStigma by actively bringing awareness to mental health issues – @RNevers

MHM2016 1

  • For #MentalHealthMonth I will help #StampOutStigma by teaching groups of people to knit and simultaneously engaging them in #mentalhealth – @AKKerani
  • For #MentalHealthMonth I will help #StampOutStigma by being honest abut my own story and continue looking for ways to increase help in SK – @KariChosen
  • For #MentalHealthMonth we’ll #StampOutStigma by being a microphone for anyone&everyone who wants to share their story & by offering support. – @talkspace

MHM2016 3

  • For #MentalHealthMonth I will help #StampOutStigma by Seeing You & not the Illness.Momentarily stepping away from Me so I can see & hear you – @lekagunwa
  • For #MentalHealthMonth I will help #StampOutStigma by telling my story any chance I get – @ItsAlexSweetie
  • For #MentalHealthMonth I will #StampOutStigma by loving myself, & spreading love in my life. I will treat myself like a dear friend. – @Sober_Nation
  • For #MentalHealthMonth I will help #StampOutStigma by volunteering at several local #mentalhealth awareness events in @Cityup24 #Duval #Jax – @YesYouShine

MHM2016 2

Here at Stamp Out Stigma we encourage people to share their stories as we believe doing so helps others know they’re not alone. Not only does sharing your story help others feel less alone, it can also save a life. Help us keep the conversation going all year round and take the pledge to talk about mental illness and addiction.

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